Oct 5, 2023

Hey! 👋

I've been sitting on this song for months polishing, polishing, polishing.

Time to let it fly!

This is a super special song for me, because:

  1. It's my first track with vocals (!!!)

  2. I finally feel like I'm finding my "sound"

What do I mean by finding my sound?

Well, like it's my own unique musical style & voice that really feels unique to me, where I don't feel like I'm just emulating someone else's music that doesn't feel quite authentic for me to make.

After ~15 years of producing music, getting to that place of authenticity is really exciting for me!

Some hallmarks of my "sound" include a folky feel, strong rhythms, a huge & wide cinematic sound, intimate vs. epic moments, jazzy chord progressions, and improvisation. Oh, and my voice!

For this track, I tried to capture a kind of mythical & ancient vibe by:

  • Recording a bunch of live folky instruments, like guitar, Irish flute, bodhran, and zils

  • Creating a huge acoustic space with big reverbs and some shimmery percussion skullduggery

  • Drenching my vocals in reverb (also b/c I'm not confident in my voice yet 😁)

  • Mythical lyrics (I used to want to be a fantasy/sci-fi novelist so it scratches that itch a bit!)

And it's tied together with strong rhythm. Did I mention I wanted to play drums when I was kid? Welp, my parents got me a snare drum and a rudiments book and I took three looks at it and gave up. FULL DRUM KIT is so cool tho.

The drums on this track are programmed in, b/c my drum kit is currently 3,000 miles away. Aaaaand I'm a super novice drummer. Thank the gods for computers and MIDI.

The song is about a battle that happened many eons ago in a faraway land, where a group of warriors fought to save the sunlight from an enveloping darkness. They failed, and their land was thence cloaked in darkness - hence the name "Everdark."


Living in the darkness
Open to the endless night
Fire in the carapace
So said the dreamers’ sight

Somebody that you trust
Somebody that you must
Stick with to the last thrust
Fighting for the sunlight now

Ere we make a legend
Death of an old friend
To the future we send
Hope that we will mend

Whaddya think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and reactions to this track!

Did it make you imagine anything?

Do you want to hear more of this kind of thing?

Should I feature my vocals more centrally going forward? (Trick question, I'm going to anyway!)

Thanks for listening, I'm so glad you're with me on this adventure! 👋 ✌️

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